and Flights of Thought on War and Politics

"The long-held dream of human flight was a dream of freedom.  But more important than freedom from earth's gravity is freedom from abuse of the weak by the powerful in human relationships and institutions, for which our system of government was established and for which many have died and many veterans have suffered in the belief that they were protecting a fair, honest, and noble system.  We now believe that the honesty, integrity and viability our system are under grave threats from within, toward which our "flights of thought" are directed. These - like all flights designed to remain successfully aloft, expand our scope of vision, return safely to solid earth, and reach a desired destination in the process - are grounded in realistic thinking and reliable knowledge." 


Malik Rahim, former Black Panther member and Common Grounds founder and Katrina survior gives an up close and personal talk "Cooperation and Prepardedness in Turbulent Times"

Did you serve at Fort McClellan? Better see this.


Video of non-violent civil disobedience conducted by Ground Zero Center for Non-Violence in Poulsbo Washington, home of the deadliest nuclear arsenal in the world, and some of the best and bravest activists in our nation.


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Gordon Sturrock on YouTube my original video channel
Eugene Vet on YouTube more music and environmental oriented
Gordon Sturrock on Vimeo main channel for lengthy videos
Eugene Vet on Vimeo just more, on an extra channel, just in case.

Veterans Against

Mike Hastie Gallery
An  Exhibition of Images and Prose, intimately detailing the cost of war.

Share the Sacrifice - Ride for PEACE!
Disabled Veterans Brian Willson, Lane Anderson and other Veterans and Peace Activists lead the way towards long term sustainability and Peace by riding their bicycles from Eugene Oregon, all the way to Seattle for the VeteransForPeace Conference.

Aviation Museum Entrance
Squadron13's original claim to fame. Still free!

Read a short fiction story by Vietnam Veteran Rich Raitano "Veterans at the Wall"



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